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The Mata Nacional das Dunas Litorais

To the east of Monte Gordo is the largest forest of the Algarve, the Mata Nacional da Dunas Litorais de Vila Real de Santo Antonio. This natural park has a unique ecosystem of pine forests that cover the sand dunes of the region. The forest is the perfect place to escape the summer crowds and there are pleasant shaded footpaths across the 440 hectares of forest. Aware of the importance that the Coastal Dunes National Forest has for the preservation of the Eastern Sotovento dune system and the natural values ​​present.

Quercus has already requested clarifications from the Municipality of Vila Real de Santo António on the purpose of relocating the Monte Gordo to the interior of the classified area and expresses from now on that it will use all the means at its disposal to prevent that, once again, the estate of the Portuguese State is alienated to satisfy real estate interests, in a region that has an excess of real estate and tourist offer and that it has systematically destroyed its natural values ​​without having safeguarded the public interest.


The Mata Nacional da Dunas Litorais, V.R.S.A, Portugal. Get direction